Order a brick!

There will always be work to be done to ensure that the park is beautifully maintained and upgraded as needed as time goes by.  The brick campaign will be ongoing, a spring and a fall campaign will be in the cards for the forseeable future.

We are preparing an order of engraved bricks to go in soon!

4x8 bricks:

3 lines are suggests, though the bricks with 4 lines look good to us. 

21 characters per line.  (That includes punctuation and spaces.)


8x8 bricks:

6 lines are suggested, though 7 seems to work

21 characters per line.  (That includes punctuation and spaces.)


All bricks are centered and all letters are caps.

The process:

If you want to order a brick, make a payment, contact Shannon Geraghty, treasurer of the Municipality of South Dundas. He will tell you how to go about this. Let him know that you are ordering a brick.  Then contact us.  Let us know that you have made a payment and the size of the brick (4x8 or 8x8)  and what text you would like on your brick. This is a little confusing, but so far it has worked out ok.  

We wait until we have an order of 10 bricks so that we get free shipping from BricksRUs.  Then we have to wait to have the brick order installed by the great folks at SBD Landscaping. 

Thanks so much for contributing to the park and to this fun element of the park.  Everyone seems to enjoy taking time to read the messages on the bricks!