Proposed Rules

  1. Dog owners/handlers are legally and financially responsible for the actions of their dogs under the Province of Ontario Dog Owners Liability Act (DOLA)
  2. Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated and wearing current tags.
  3. Dogs must be spayed or neutered.
  4. Dogs must be at least four months old to use the park.
  5. No dogs weighing greater than 30lbs are allowed in the small-dog area.
  6. Dogs must be leashed prior to entering and leaving the dog park. Owners must have a leash visible at all times.
  7. Owners must remain in the park with their dog at all times.
  8. A maximum of two dogs per handler.
  9. Dogs must remain within view and voice command of handler.
  10. Owners are required to clean up and dispose of all waste left by their dogs.
  11. Fill any holes your dog digs.
  12. Dogs that show aggression toward other animals or people must be removed immediately from the park.
  13. Dogs that are barking excessively must be removed from the park.
  14. No glass containers are allowed in the park.
  15. Children must be closely supervised by an adult.


The odd scuffle between dogs is inevitable, and most of the time no harm is done.  However, we ask every person using the park to try their best to avoid any situation that might provoke conflict such as:

  • Bringing a favourite toy into the park.   If your dog is possessive of a favourite toy, he/she may fight to defend it from another dog
  • Allowing children to run shouting and squealing through the park area.  Maybe not your dog, but some dogs, are overly excited by such activities and may over-react.
  • Bringing food into the park. If you buy the kids an ice cream cone, be sure that they finish the treat before entering the park.  They may not be aware that they are tempting a boistrous golden retriever with their favourite treat as well!
  • Bringing a wee dog or puppy into the big dog area without providing sufficient protection.  Big dogs being playful can inadvertently injure a small dog.  Stay close and be prepared to intervene if play gets rough!
  • Trusting your dog's instincts.  You may be having a great time, and hey, you just arrived, but if your dog goes to the gate, it's time to go.  Your dog may sense another dog's unstable mood and be taking evasive action!
  • Honestly assessing your dog's behaviour.  If other park goers indicate that your dog is aggressive, it may be time to reconsider what you generally see as "playfully rowdy." 

Dog Park Safety Efforts

ParkPals will organize periodic dog park safety classes taught by local professionals.  ParkPals plans to present at least two dog park safety classes per year. 
ParkPals volunteers will make flyers available to dog park visitors containing information about dog park safety and "petiquette."  Our extensive e-mail contact list will enable ParkPals to easily communicate with registered users to address any issues or concerns that may arise.